• Jeni - ready - go!

    The new CanalPro Jeni endomotor has a patent-pending digital assistance system for canal preparation, which uses complex algorithms to control the file movement at millisecond intervals.

    The rotary motion and speed are continuously controlled based on current intensity and torque.

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23.09.2020 Service Update Package (compressed) 412.23 KB

Please proceed as follows (for version 6.22 only)


1. Take the micro SD card out of the insert on the back of the Jeni motor by pressing softly against the micro SD card 

2. Add the micro SD card into your Laptop/Tablet (in some cases you need an adapter for this step)

3. Open the micro SD card folder and delete all files contained on it

4. Now copy the complete attached software into the micro SD card folder 

5. Close the folder and remove the micro SD card

6. Place the micro SD card back into the motor insert

7. Press the on/off button for 3 seconds and the motor will turn on with the updated software

8. Update is done